WOMADelaide 2017 Exclusive Interview: 30/70

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-6-00-47-pm30/70. Photo credit: Rhys Newling

Melbourne’s jazz and hip hop scene will be well-represented at this year’s WOMADelaide with the spirited presence of 30/70. Mixing peppy tunes with Afrobeat sounds, this collective will be gracing the WOMADelaide stage on Saturday the 11th of March. In this exclusive interview, we find out who 30/70 are looking forward to seeing at this year’s WOMADelaide, and who they would love to collaborate with.

Q: How did you all meet? When did you decide to create music together?

A: It happened over a couple of years and over many cups of Jasmine tea. Most of us met through the Melbourne jazz scene, jams, and word on the street of the hot players.

Q: When listening to your music, I detect hints of Sade and Cat Empire among other diverse sounds. Who are your musical and artistic inspirations?

A: Mmm yeah Sade is dope… but maybe more like J Dilla and Pharoah Sanders. We also take a lot of inspiration from the world music scene in Melbourne; places like Bar Oussou are always pushing some incredible musicians and fresh sounds. But ultimately, we love the beats of hip hop and jazz!

Q: WOMADelaide 2017 seems to be a vintage year with you guys performing alongside Archie Roach and the Philip Glass Ensemble. Who are you guys looking forward to seeing in your downtime at WOMAD this year?

A: I think we are all most excited to see Oumou Sangaré, as well as Nhatty Man, Philip GlassBokanté, and to go to Toni Childs’ yoga class! WILD! Also really pumped for some of the workshops and the community vibe, as well as discovering new artists!

Q: Another WOMADelaide related question. Do you guys prefer playing intimate gigs or massive festival ones like WOMADelaide?

A: As long as there is a good vibe, and the energy is right, we would play anywhere. We like to feel connected to the audience and take them on a journey. Sometimes that feels easier to do when you are in a more intimate space, burning incense, and getting sweaty together. But a big outdoor stage allows us to connect with a larger audience, and hopefully, engage more people on just as deep a level.

Q: If you could collaborate with any musicians dead or alive, who would it be?

A: There are so many, but I guess fresh on the mind is Leon Ware. Incredible singer and songwriter! Rest in Love.

Masya Zabidi

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