Collage Talks: Kahlia Clarke of Sisters in SMUT

Katerina Grypma talks to Kahlia Clarke about her involvement in Sisters in SMUT, and the ensemble’s 2021 Adelaide Fringe Show Smut Uncut: An Erotica Extravanganza. Check out Sisters in Smut on Facebook and Instagram too. Collage: Hey Kahlia! Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement in Sisters in SMUT. Kahlia: We all have our talents and hobbies – creative writing, poetry, playing musical … Continue reading Collage Talks: Kahlia Clarke of Sisters in SMUT

Collage Talks: Sundari Carmody

What: If the future is to be worth anything: 2020 South Australian Artist Survey Where: ACE Open When: 12 September – 12 December Who: Ten local South Australia’s artists, check them all out here Sundari’s work seeks to explore what lies just beyond our perception, things invisible to us – things of the ‘dark’. Her sculptural installation for ACE Open’s latest exhibition is no exception, … Continue reading Collage Talks: Sundari Carmody

Collage Talks: SONODA Music

I’ve been super fortunate to be given the opportunity to preview SONODA’s latest release, as well as have a small chat with the musical lead, Lisa. Following are a few thoughts, as well as some insight to Lisa’s creative processes in crafting ‘meditative pop’ into a genre. Based in Los Angeles, SONODA consists of group members: Lisa (vocals and synth among many other instruments), Adrian … Continue reading Collage Talks: SONODA Music

Collage Talks: Yusuf Ali Hayat

What: If the future is to be worth anything — 2020 South Australian Artist SurveyWhere: ACE OpenWhen: 12 September – 12 DecemberWho: A whole lot of South Australia’s best artist, check them out here “Today’s been a good day, it’s been a long time coming.” Over the course of the last few months, Yusuf Ali Hayat has been busy. Emerging out of a SALA where … Continue reading Collage Talks: Yusuf Ali Hayat

Collage Talks: Very Nice Massage

R: Hey, Very Nice Massage! Thanks for agreeing to discuss your upcoming album, Based On The Data, with me! Z: Hello Rachel! Thank you for having us! R: Please introduce yourselves! Z: My name is  Zach Stolz, I am one half of Very Nice Massage, and a musician living on Kangaroo Island and New York. C: My name is Chris Retsina, I am a musician … Continue reading Collage Talks: Very Nice Massage

Scenes from outside (and the return home)

By Katerina Grypma Hey there! It’s been a while… and what have I been up to this year, I hear you ask? Well, I actually set off for my student exchange/ Europe trip on January 2nd, and I returned to Australia just recently- in late June. I’m currently writing this from a room of the Sydney Harbour Marriott hotel, where I’ve been living for the … Continue reading Scenes from outside (and the return home)

Collage Talks: Iberi

Iberi are a six-person vocal and instrumental ensemble channels Georgia’s multitude of sounds, exploring the emotional potential of age-old polyphony and traditional instruments. We at Collage were lucky enough to talk to Buba ahead of their weekend stint at WOMADelaide 2020 where they will do it all — sing, dance, and cook. Collage: Iberi’s music is so beautiful, listening to it transports me to Georgia. In … Continue reading Collage Talks: Iberi

Collage Talks: Madeleine Parry

Earlier this year, Collage had the chance to chat with director Madeleine Parry.  Starting with Murder Mouth, a short documentary which explored the ethical dilemma of eating meat from a very personal perspective, Parry then directed a series of documentaries for the ABC called Tough Jobs, the comedy-documentary hybrid series, also for the ABC, Corey White’s Roadmap to Paradise, and viral Netflix comedy special, Hannah … Continue reading Collage Talks: Madeleine Parry

Collage Talks: Bettina Kinski from the German Film Festival

25 KM/H and Gundermann are among the top picks from German Film Festival Director Bettina Kinski. After its success last year, Palace Cinema has again partnered with the Goethe Institute to screen an array of films for the 2019 German Film Festival, which runs until 12 June.  The festival’s director Bettina Kinski told Collage that it was the first time many of the films were … Continue reading Collage Talks: Bettina Kinski from the German Film Festival