Tin Do

Tin is a perennial student who loves his leisure time; perhaps the two are related. Likes architecture, design (the ‘whys’ and tentatively, the ‘whats’ and almost never the ‘hows’) and anything in long form. Favourite art movement: Dirty Realism Favourite films: Moon and Paris, Texas Favourite band: Brian Eno always has something to do with it Favourite podcast: Haven’t found one yet, but Music for … Continue reading Tin Do

Brydie Kosmina

(Dr.) Brydie Kosmina is a sessional academic at the University of Adelaide. Her research is focused on cultural memory and popular culture. She spends most of her days thinking about witches, and cries about everything – good, bad or in-between. She drinks too much Diet Coke. Fav art movement: French Impressionism or Fauvism. Fav films: Depends on my mood, really but Arrival takes up a lot … Continue reading Brydie Kosmina

Alexander W. Possingham

Alexander W. Possingham is attempting to read every major science-fiction novel ever written, whilst playing copious video games and watching endless cinema under the guise of ‘researching’. He writes for Collage from the far-flung, exotic land of Victoria. Favourite art movement: Fluxus Favourite film: Caché, directed by Michael Haneke Favourite band/musician: Daughters Favourite podcast: Shut up and Sit Down Podcastle Favourite novel: Neuromancer, by William Gibson … Continue reading Alexander W. Possingham

Kate Riggs

Kate Riggs has an archaeology degree and now has to face life, as like, an adult or whatever. She enjoys the pina colada song, but not pina coladas (jokes – she loves those too). Favourite art movement: Post-Impressionism and Romanesque Favourite films: National Treasure and The Royal Tenenbaums Favourite band: Alabama Shakes and David Bowie Favourite podcast: Radio National’s Big Ideas and Crooked Media’s Pod … Continue reading Kate Riggs

Lur Alghurabi

Lur is an Iraqi writer whose work focuses on migrant memoir and transcultural storytelling, or fancy terms for her childhood memories in Baghdad. She mentors new writers at the University of Adelaide, where she achieved First Class Honours in Creative Writing. She spends her weekends teaching baristas, friends and family how to pronounce her name. Favourite art movements: Pop Art Favourite films: Hearts in Atlantis … Continue reading Lur Alghurabi

Maggi Boult

Maggi Boult has worked in health research, but is currently studying to be an historian. At the moment her favourite century is the nineteenth. However, if she could go back in time it would be to watch Neanderthals creating rock art. Favourite art movements: Contemporary (Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley and Fred Williams) Favourite films: Anything Fantasy or Sci-Fi. Favourite musicians: The Smiths, Nina Simone, Grateful … Continue reading Maggi Boult