About Collage

We are the Collage Adelaide team!
Photo credit: Edwin Bohdan

(Top L-R: Natalie Carfora, Rachel Wong,  Brydie Kosmina, Tin Do, Milly Farmer. Bottom L-R: Masya Zabidi, Dylan Rowen, Katerina Grypma, Matilda Handsley-Davis)

Who we are:

We are a collective of writers with a passion for the arts. Beginning as a group of students studying art history in 2014, our group has grown over the years to engage with local arts, culture, and events. 

We believe:

  • The arts can bring people together and help us to understand diverse views on the world.
  • The arts can be a medium of valuable conflict, discussion, and change.
  • To understand the arts, engagement with its historical, political, social, and artistic context is vital.

Our Aim:

  • Be a forum for the discovery and discussion of the arts.
  • Engage and connect with established and emerging creatives in Adelaide and beyond.
  • Publish high-quality, entertaining, and thought-provoking essays, articles, interviews, and reviews.

If you have any enquiries or want to get involved, shoot us an email at collageadelaide@gmail.com.

Collage is archived by the National Library of Australia’s Pandora Archive, a digital archive dedicated to the preservation of Australian publications of national significance.

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