My Favourite Artwork: Landscape at Pentecost


In this new series, writers discuss their favourite artworks.

What: Landscape at Pentecost

Artist: Grace Cossington Smith

Type: Painting

Year: 1929

Medium: Oil on paperboard

Subject: Landscape at Pentecost (NSW)

Where: Currently on display at the Art Gallery of South Australia in Gallery 4

Why: Although this painting is of an area in New South Wales, every time I look at this painting it reminds me of the landscape of McLaren Vale – the shade of the distant hills is so reminiscent of the purpley-blue of the Adelaide foothills from that angle, the green of the sprawling paddocks and vineyards, the richness of the red soil exposed by the cut of the road. The colours are so vibrant and imbue the image with a sense of movement- you want to follow the road into the distance to find out where it leads.

Legacy: Cossington-Smith is regarded as one of Australia’s most significant early modern artists.

– Ingrid Goetz

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