Adelaide Film Festival 2018: Love in the Time of Antidepressants

What: Love in the Time of Antidepressants (dir. Paul Gallasch)

Where: GU Film House Adelaide

When: 13 and 16 October 2018



Local director and loving son Paul Gallasch brilliantly captures the most intimate journey of his mother’s heart-wrenching—yet illuminating—ordeal with mental illness, antidepressants, and family trauma. Something so true and raw is presented to us in this frank and candid exploration of an honest mother-son relationship.

As much a documentary about himself as his mother, the film wonderfully captures the trials and tribulations of the director’s own experience with love and loss. Over the course of 67 minutes, we form a relationship with these two individuals, and Gallasch’s self-reflective voice-overs poignantly offer us insight into the human condition, without being too depressing.

Support Adelaide filmmakers and do yourself a favour by catching the last screening of this therapeutic film on the Tuesday 16th October.

4.5/5 stars

Reviewed by Dylan Rowen.

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