Adelaide Fringe Review 2021: Eating Tomorrow

Who: Post Dining

What: Eating Tomorrow

Where: WEA Basement

When: 19-28 February

Tickets: here

In my day job, I’ve spent the last couple of years thinking about and researching what the future will look like. How will we get around? What will housing look like? What will we eat? This last question is something that Post Dining are answering in their 2021 Fringe show, Eating Tomorrow.

Eating Tomorrow is a time-travelling, interactive show that shoots you to 2050 and to the four possible futures that we will experience there. Based on research of future possible projections by the Australian Academy of Science, there’s Growth (everything gets bigger and better, it’s a capitalist free-for-all), Restraint (we are forced to scale back and tightly control resources), Catastrophe (every dystopian movie you’ve ever watched), or Transformation (we embrace First Nations ways of knowing and live in harmony with nature).

With your group, you experience each of these futures one at a time. You hear from an actor about the life we live there, you eat some food or drink some drink, and for a moment you are completely immersed in this life we might find ourselves in in 30 years.

The sets are excellent. I so appreciate the effort that they have gone to to fill each with detail that communicate more the longer you look around. The actors are all outstanding, pulling us into the story and their lives. They do directly interact and this is a major part of the show, so make sure you come chatty. It’s worth it.

This experiential device is, I think, one of the most successful ways of communicating this science and research to an audience. By inserting the audience directly into the story, it is easy to reflect on the different ways we could arrive at each of these possible destinations.

I leave introspective. I really enjoyed this show. It’s left me thinking about my own relationship with food and consumption. This is a show well worth seeing.

5 out of 5 stars

— Natalie Carfora

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