Adelaide Fringe 2021 Review: Takashi Wakasugi (JPN): Farm Backpacker (Subclass 417)

Who: Stand-up comedian Takashi Wakasugi When: March 11-13 Where: Balcony Room at Hotel Richmond View details and buy tickets on Fringe website. Takashi Wakasugi is, quite obviously, and in his own words, ‘a f*cking Japanese.’ About three years ago he left his comfortable life and job in Nikon’s HR department in Japan to come to Australia on a working holiday visa. To extend his visa, … Continue reading Adelaide Fringe 2021 Review: Takashi Wakasugi (JPN): Farm Backpacker (Subclass 417)

Adelaide Film Festival 2020: I Am Woman

What: I Am Woman When: 23 October 4:30pm (last screening) Cost: See AFF website for details Any liberal grandmother is going to eat this slice of nostalgia cake right up! I Am Woman has pockets of greatness and leaves you feeling empowered, but unfortunately, overall fails to balance its story and flesh out its messages.  The biopic unfolds in a formulaic and predictable manner in … Continue reading Adelaide Film Festival 2020: I Am Woman

Collage Talks: Very Nice Massage

R: Hey, Very Nice Massage! Thanks for agreeing to discuss your upcoming album, Based On The Data, with me! Z: Hello Rachel! Thank you for having us! R: Please introduce yourselves! Z: My name is  Zach Stolz, I am one half of Very Nice Massage, and a musician living on Kangaroo Island and New York. C: My name is Chris Retsina, I am a musician … Continue reading Collage Talks: Very Nice Massage

2019 Fringe Festival Review: SÉANCE

What: SÉANCE Who: Realscape Productions in association with DARKFIELD Where: The Garden of Unearthly Delights  When: See website for all dates Cost: $20.00 This show is not for the claustrophobic or the faint at heart. We each file in to a dark and narrow shipping container and place earphones over our heads for the SÉANCE experience. Not knowing what to expect next, the lights are … Continue reading 2019 Fringe Festival Review: SÉANCE

Adelaide Film Festival 2018: [CENSORED]

Watch the trailer here. Prior to the introduction of the film rating system in 1971, the Australian Censorship Board was responsible for cutting thousands of scenes from films brought into Australia to be screened. Purportedly rendering them appropriate for audiences ‘of a friendly nation’, this practise resulted in one of the harshest censorship systems in the Western world. Filmmaker Sari Braithwaite spent years sifting through … Continue reading Adelaide Film Festival 2018: [CENSORED]

Film Review: Sweet Country

What: Sweet Country (Bunya Productions, Transmission Films) Who: Written by David Tranter and Steven McGregor and directed by Warwick Thornton. When: National release January 25th Sweet Country is a captivating new Australian film inspired by true events that took place in the Northern Territory in 1929. The film is set less than one hundred years earlier than, and in the same diverse and enchanting landscape as, Warwick Thornton’s previous … Continue reading Film Review: Sweet Country