Collage Talks: Sundari Carmody

What: If the future is to be worth anything: 2020 South Australian Artist Survey Where: ACE Open When: 12 September – 12 December Who: Ten local South Australia’s artists, check them all out here Sundari’s work seeks to explore what lies just beyond our perception, things invisible to us – things of the ‘dark’. Her sculptural installation for ACE Open’s latest exhibition is no exception, … Continue reading Collage Talks: Sundari Carmody

Collage Talks: SONODA Music

I’ve been super fortunate to be given the opportunity to preview SONODA’s latest release, as well as have a small chat with the musical lead, Lisa. Following are a few thoughts, as well as some insight to Lisa’s creative processes in crafting ‘meditative pop’ into a genre. Based in Los Angeles, SONODA consists of group members: Lisa (vocals and synth among many other instruments), Adrian … Continue reading Collage Talks: SONODA Music

Collage Talks: Very Nice Massage

R: Hey, Very Nice Massage! Thanks for agreeing to discuss your upcoming album, Based On The Data, with me! Z: Hello Rachel! Thank you for having us! R: Please introduce yourselves! Z: My name is  Zach Stolz, I am one half of Very Nice Massage, and a musician living on Kangaroo Island and New York. C: My name is Chris Retsina, I am a musician … Continue reading Collage Talks: Very Nice Massage

Scenes from outside (and the return home)

By Katerina Grypma Hey there! It’s been a while… and what have I been up to this year, I hear you ask? Well, I actually set off for my student exchange/ Europe trip on January 2nd, and I returned to Australia just recently- in late June. I’m currently writing this from a room of the Sydney Harbour Marriott hotel, where I’ve been living for the … Continue reading Scenes from outside (and the return home)

Scenes from inside (and the transition back)

It’s been three and a half months since everything fell to shit. Since mid-March lots of us have been working from home, staying indoors, and doing their best to be a Good Citizen. But now we are halfway through the year, things have started to change. For us in Adelaide at least, anyway. This week I went back to work. I was one of two … Continue reading Scenes from inside (and the transition back)

Baking bread during lockdown

As every other email in my inbox tells me, these are unusual times. As we live day-to-day in a blossoming new world, I’ve been turning more and more to experiential things to try and centre myself and exist in the present moment. So yes, I’ve become one of those insufferable people who is baking their own sourdough. I’ve found there’s something really reassuring about teaching myself small, gentle things that require practice and concentration: I am forced to think only of the present while I’m folding tiny little tortellini. Continue reading Baking bread during lockdown

What is all the fuss? Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You’ve probably heard about, or seen a reference to this Nintendo Switch game. Since its highly anticipated release, it has swallowed a huge portion of the gaming world and those in social isolation. In fact, it is currently the second highest most purchased game in Nintendo history (Super Smash Brothers still on top, of course). Which if you think about, is insane. My love of … Continue reading What is all the fuss? Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Two Talks and a Conference

Over the past three weeks I’ve had the privilege of being able to continue my work from home. Fortunately, adjusting to life to home was also quick but in short, I’ve found that it’s not how much extra time you have, but the uninterrupted stretches of time that are valuable.  To fill these stretches some content has, paradoxically been more accessible than ever. I went … Continue reading Two Talks and a Conference

Adelaide Festival 2020: Two Crews

Two dance crews face off across a bare stage. Lady Rocks (Paris) and Riddim Nation (Sydney) are preparing for battle. They gently taunt each other, waiting for the other side to give in and start the first round — a game familiar to anyone who has watched or participated in a street dance battle. Once the first performer crosses the threshold onto the dance floor, we are quickly transported along an intense physical journey from confrontation to playfulness to cooperation. Continue reading Adelaide Festival 2020: Two Crews

Adelaide Festival 2020: Garrick Ohlsson

Who: Garrick Ohlsson and Musica Viva Where: Adelaide Town Hall When: 2 March 2020 7:30pm (one and only concert!) details here The stage is empty except for a grand piano and Garrick Ohlsson himself. There was nothing to disguise the music, this performance was purely an honest showcasing of the great skill that Ohlsson possesses as a pianist. He is an imposing figure of 6’4 … Continue reading Adelaide Festival 2020: Garrick Ohlsson