Where: Drama Llama at Rhino Room
When: until Sunday 19 March
Tickets: here

I first heard about Tom Cashman about a year ago, when I started seeing him pop up in my TikTok For You page with his landlord reference saga. I thought it was very funny. He disappeared from my radar once it all cooled down, but then much to my surprise the Australian Taskmaster cast was announced with Tom playing Little Alex Horne. Tom now has earned a place on my radar.

I’m not very good with graphs, but this accurately summarises my awareness of Tom.

Tom’s set was a mix of his older graph-based material with his newer hijinks as related to rental law reform, neighbour issues, and his experiences on reality TV — but not the one you expect. Or maybe it is one you expect, given this is a show with a significant portion about graphs. 

For someone who rated himself in the show advertising material as low confidence, this was a great show. Tom is charismatic and very charming, his storytelling and pacing both top notch. He weaves in and out of stories easily, connecting them to each other and, often, to more graphs. 

I will leave you with this graph I have made of my enjoyment over the course of the show. 

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