Adelaide Fringe 2023: temping

Where: University of Adelaide

When: until 18 March

Tickets: here

Have you ever worked in an office? They’re weird kind of places. I used to have an office job where I sat for hours, waiting for the phone to ring and waiting for consultants to finish their monthly accounts so I could action them. temping is a show about working in an office. But also, it’s a show about life.

Produced by Dutch Kills Theatre Company and Wolf 359, and toured to Adelaide by Electric Dreams, temping is a one person show where you are the actor and the audience and technology is the plot. You go to work as a temp, filling in for Sarah Jane Tully, and experience an hour in her role. Until that changes.

The production of temping is remarkable. Is it immersive theatre? Is it an escape room? You sit in an office at the University of Adelaide, surrounded by the belongings of a stranger. Over the course of the hour, you do your work and you piece together the life of many people that once lived.

It’s been so refreshing to experience these world class, novel experiments with theatre this year at the Adelaide Fringe. temping is part of the program of shows brought over by Electric Dreams. This is one you shouldn’t miss.

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