Adelaide Fringe 2023: Come Together – The Beatles Rock Show

When: 8pm until Sun Mar 5

Where: The Virago at Gluttony

How much: $38

Beatles tribute acts, we’ve all seem ’em, whether it’s an homage (see last year’s Magical Mystery Tour) or a straight-up impersonation. In this Adelaide Fringe tribute, Come Together, Rachel Vidoni makes the Beatles songbook her own.

Commanding the stage alongside her two stunning dancers, the energy is palpable and powerful.

Backed by a South Australian rock band, the local talent exude a passion and attention to detail that is much appreciated to a Beatle-aficionado’s ears.

Rachel dominates the stage, commanding your attention; strumming her pink paisley electric guitar throughout, keeping up with her exceptional dancers, all the while absolutely belting these hits.

Those first few early hits got the crowd rocking, but it was when Rachel introduced her grungy rendition of Something that you knew she was bringing a powerful perspective to the tribute.

This perspective is so reflective of Beatles adoration, which is at its heart feminine. Come Together truly embraces this femininity, none more so than during Strawberry Fields Forever and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, with bubbles floating around a flower-adorned bicycle, with the performers twirling in their pastel pink dresses.

This homage doesn’t lean into tired Beatles tribute tropes, such as hippie-ish stereotypes and drawling attempts at a Liverpudlian accent, instead, Come Together is fresh, modern, and fast-paced.

The set list doesn’t fail to include the classics like Yesterday, Let It Be, and Hey Jude. It also includes some lesser played tracks with honourable mentions to Got to Get You into My Life, Helter Skelter, and Hey Bulldog. There is definitely more tracks worth mentioning but that would mean including everything single track played!

By the end of their rollicking hour set, the entire audience was buzzing with Beatlemania. Rachel Vidoni, the dancers, and the band truly rocked that stage.

Get along to Come Together at Gluttony this weekend before the run is over. This tribute has a cross-generation appeal, so bring you parents and grandparents and have a fab night!

5 out of 5 stars.

Milly Farmer

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