Adelaide Fringe 2023: Annie and Lena Hunt For Ghosts

When: 10PM until Sat Mar 4

How much: $20

Where: Hell’s Kitchen at Rhino Room

After quitting acting to pursue comedy, Annie and Lena have given it all up to pursue ghost hunting. The pair of amateurs ghost hunters welcome you to the Overtroped Hotel; it’s vintage, it’s rustic, and it’s spooky!

Annie and Lena take us through their journey to landing their niche career path, all the while dipping their toes into the goings-on of contacting the spirit world. In a variety of sketches and spoofs, Annie and Lena investigate dodgy mediums, rogue ouija boards, and the undeniable evil that is depicted in the 1996 film, Matilda.

It is a feat in itself when comics are able to make a teeny space work for such an ambitious plot line but all the gags were pulled off really well, especially the use of glowing masks to embody undead spirits.

Despite a few teething technical issues, the pair didn’t let it phase them or impact the laughs. See Annie and Lena Hunt for Ghosts at The Rhino Room before the end of their Adelaide Fringe run this weekend! It’s lighthearted, it’s silly, and full to the brim of millennial realness.

Milly Farmer

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