Where: Under the giant ‘MR CHOON’ sign at Vestigial Courtyard
When: Now – 12 March
How much: Free

Look, I can’t say too much. I have just returned from a Top Secret mission and I’ve been sworn to secrecy. But, there’s good news for you: they’re looking for more recruits.

INCOMING_TRANSMISSION is as mysterious as the Fringe listing seems. You turn up, you follow the clues with a ramshackle group of random other Fringe-goers, you solve the mystery, you are recruited by the Organisation for future missions.

This show comes at the perfect time for Taskmaster fans, with the Australian version mid-way through its first season and a gap before the UK original returns, INCOMING_TRANSMISSION will have you solving your way through the city with tasks, codes, and clues.

I won’t say too much more at risk of losing my rank of Recruit and/or spoiling the fun for you, but will leave you with a final message to get you started:

–. . – / -.– — ..- .-. / – .. -.-. -.- . – / -. — .– –..– / .– …. .- – / .. … / – …. . .-. . / – — / .-.. — … . ..–..

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