Adelaide Fringe 2023: Maho Magic Bar

Where: Garden of Unearthly Delights
When: Now – 12 March
How much: $79

Another year of Fringe has kicked off this weekend, and with it, the Garden of Unearthly Delights has sprung to life in Rundle Park. Nestled near the back of the garden but hard to miss, lit with neon Japanese iconography, the Maho Magic Bar returns. If you’re like me and passed it each year with growing curiosity, this is your year to try it out!

Unlike your stereotypical magic show, the venue is styled as a bar in Tokyo emulating the city’s buzzing nightlife. Amongst lanterns and cherry blossoms, sitting at tables of around 8 people, a night of close-up magic ensues with five masters of sleight of hand.

The beguiling host and four of Japanese’s finest magicians take turns circulating around the tables, for a more intimate and up-close experience. There is also a mixologist at the front bar if you fancy a cocktail! The magicians have unique personalities and range of tricks up their sleeve, but all were charming and playful.

Between these acts, there was a menu of magic tricks you can order especially which is performed in front of all the audience. This guarantees that each show is different every night, and those who more reluctant about audience participation will still enjoy an interactive show without having to get on a stage.

Within the 60 minutes of illusions and card trickery, you’re guaranteed for an unforgettable night, and leave with a wide smile from the infectious illusionists. This is the perfect post-dinner treat to whet your Fringe appetite to start off Adelaide’s festival season. Get along to the Garden of Unearthly Delights to experience Maho Magic Bar, and happy Fringe-ing!

Milly Farmer

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