Adelaide Fringe Review: Different Now

Who: Annie and Lena

When: until 6 March

Where: Rhino Room

Tickets: here

Annie and Lena are different now. There are lots of differences. They’re 30. They have dyed their hair. All sorts of differences. The biggest one is they’re moving house; it’s time for them to live apart. We, the audience, are removalists, there to help the sketch comedy duo with their move. It totally makes sense, even when it doesn’t.

The show is a number of sketches about Annie and Lena’s experience as 30 year old women living in Melbourne’s north. There are friendship issues, decisions, funny (or depressing?) stories, and more decisions.

The duo have a charming dynamic, they remind me a little of Jermaine and Brett from Flight of the Concords. They riff off each other naturally, you can tell they’re having a great time.

The show is simple and silly, a fun ride overall. I love it. They’ve sold out much of their season so far and have upgraded to the big room upstairs at Rhino Room so you have one last chance. See them while you can, tell your friends.

4 out of 5 stars

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