Adelaide Fringe Review: I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break

Who: Gabbi Boult

Where: Gluttony

When: until 6 March

Tickets: here

I first came across Gabbi Boult during the wild and free time when Ratatouille the Musical took over TikTok. Gabbi was my introduction to this musical phenomenon and I immediately followed her for her snarky musical comedy. Since then, she has been kicking goals, writing for a host of comedy shows and – much to my excitement – visiting for the Adelaide Fringe.

I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break is a delightful set of songs that take us on a journey exploring the big issues we face in life: kids, home ownership, and white guys playing guitar. Her songs straddle the line of dealing with personal and the wider social issues in a very smooth way.

Gabbi is not only very funny but she is an exceptional singer and musician. She is charming in her audience engagement, one of the rare performers who doesn’t make you want to disappear. I want her to keep talking, I want her to serenade me, but I’ll settle for being sure to catch her every time she comes back.

I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break is Gabbi’s first show and she knocks it out of the park. If this is just the beginning, I am so excited to see what she does next. Gabbi is definitely one to watch.

4 1/2 stars

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