Adelaide Fringe Review: Ange Lavoipierre – I’ve got 99 problems and here is an exhaustive list of them

Where: Gluttony
When: 18-27 February
Tickets: here

Ange Lavoipierre has problems. A lot of them. Mostly to do with the fact that spiders are following her.

What starts as a spider burlesque show transforms into a jaunty musical list of problems. All the while, Ange weaves the story about how she dealt with her spider issue.

But it’s not just the spiders, it’s a relationship that moved too quick and now is blowing up, it’s the disembodied voice of Duo the owl meaning that learning French is hitting too close to home, and the way that internalised misogyny continues to plague Ange into her 30s.

This show has many funny moments, complete with a live action re-enactment of Charlotte’s Web. Ange brings us for a ride through the mayhem of the last few years, making light of what become increasingly dark moments.

3 stars

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