Adelaide Fringe Review: Rider Spoke

What: Rider Spoke
Where: SA Museum
When: 18-22 February
More information: here

There are secrets running through cities. Nooks where people have moments with someone they care about. Corners that the light hits just right when the sun begins to set. Rider Spoke gives you an opportunity to explore them.

Take your bike, borrow theirs, or use your legs and start moving. The narrator will guide you, telling you when to stop or start, but otherwise it’s your decision how long you’ll move and where you’ll go. Periodically, the narrator will ask you a question.

“Introduce yourself.”

“Tell me about the last time you held someone’s hand.”

“How would your life be different if you didn’t have a secret?”

It’s up to you to answer, being as honest as you like. Then, you hear secrets and stories from the other riders that have gone before you, those who have liked the same way the sun hits the river, or found the same quiet street to stop on.

One of the riders told me that the experience reminded them that there are similarities between us, often more than we first expect. We share this place, and often we share many other thoughts or experiences. We might feel different, but really we are the same.

Rider Spoke was a lovely experience. It made me feel closer to Adelaide and to the people I share it with. I don’t think I will look at these spots where I stopped and shared secrets the same.

4 stars

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