Adelaide Fringe 2021 Review: Late Night Dynamite

Who: Presented by Katie Wright Dynamite

What: Cabaret

When: Until March 20, see Fringe site for ticketing & event details.

Where: Ukiyo at Gluttony

Content Warnings: R18+ for occasional language, nudity and sexual references

Despite being an avid Festival-goer, I had never attended a cabaret performance before seeing this show. Katie Wright’s Late Night Dynamite was certainly a great place to start. Late Night Dynamite is a cabaret variety show which encompasses the best elements of the Fringe. Each iteration of Late Night Dynamite is slightly different, with MC and creator Katie Wright being joined by an ensemble of different guest performers. The guest artists’ talents range from burlesque andcabaret to circus and comedy.

Katie Wright’s MCing was great! Katie cleverly integrates her commentary and theatrics with the performances from the various guests. While utilising a hilariously approachable stage persona, Katie comically combines elements of burlesque and circus. Katie’s sketch is centred around elements of her self-deprecating humour and her approachable and down-to-earth personality.

The guest performers at the show which I attended were burlesque star Miss Sapphire Snow, cabaret performers Victoria Falconer and Alex De Porteous, and circus artists Bone Breaking Leo, Jordan ‘JT’ Twartz and Mr Spin. It was great to see a selection of local South Australian artists! All the guest performers were exceptional at their speciality, with my personal favourite being the diabolo skills of JT. The line between staged performance, and improvisation was also carefully executed. The intimate setting of the venue Ukiyo also allowed the artists to interact well with the audience, despite the limitations of COVID restrictions.

Despite its cabaret classification, Late Night Dynamite is also guaranteed to make you laugh. I would especially recommend Late Night Dynamite to those who don’t know where to begin with the Adelaide Fringe, as it gives a wonderful taste of the different genres available!

4 out of 5 stars

Siân Cliffe

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