George Glass Does Art Attack

We all remember the iconic arts and crafts tv show for kids, and this weekend the quirky and off-beat band George Glass revive the classic show Art Attack, bringing the art on stage at The Gov. Add some funky tunes and bit of booze into the mix, and the audience’s creativity came alive.

The night began with the musical stylings of Satan’s Cheerleaders, this four-piece rock band kicked off the night with their swinging beats. Their tunes seemed straight out of a classic Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, and the tight quartet really prepped their audience for a playful night ahead.

When George Glass got on the stage, their humour and fun-loving presence was infectious. Their goofy theatrics were hilarious and imaginative. Launching into songs inspired by a Jesus Christ/bat hybrid, Mexican burritos, a humanoid form of coffee, and one number resulting in a sculling a litre of milk, you could argue that the painting aspect of the gig was secondary to the other antics on stage.

Aside the larks onstage was a canvas mural with various paints, before introducing each song they pulled out ticket stubs announcing whose turn it was to create, deface, or enhance the artwork. I personally love a good dose of audience interaction, but making that aspect more communal encouraged those less inclined to get involved onstage and getting amongst it. Donning a poncho and gloves, we got on stage in groups of four and added more and more to canvas rivalling the obscurity of George Glass. For selfish reasons I’m glad I was called up last so my handprints weren’t lost under layers of paint.

Here was the crowd’s final collective masterpiece for those curious:

George Glass were weird, fun, and just a little bit more weird. It was a really unique, fun night out, and I’m excited to see how where this eccentric band take their live music in the future.

Check out the George Glass and Satan’s Cheerleaders on Spotify, and stay tuned for an upcoming album and Adelaide Fringe show in 2021 đź‘€

Milly Farmer

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