Scenes from inside (and the transition back)

It’s been three and a half months since everything fell to shit. Since mid-March lots of us have been working from home, staying indoors, and doing their best to be a Good Citizen. But now we are halfway through the year, things have started to change. For us in Adelaide at least, anyway.

My work from home set up on the 19th of March. I thought I’d be home for maybe four weeks at most.

This week I went back to work. I was one of two people in the office at any given time, but there were quite a few more people in our shared kitchen. The calendar flipped over to July, and I suddenly realised that this year is half done, and so far I’ve spent most of it in my house. Where did the last three or four months go?

I know I’ve rewatched six seasons of Scrubs. I originally started for nostalgia reasons and have come to the conclusion that there’s just no point watching it otherwise, it’s just not that good now and has a surprising amount of blackface.

I know I’ve kept my sourdough starter alive because I’ve baked an ungodly amount of bread. I originally didn’t want to go near sourdough, but when my mum gifted me a baby I didn’t really have a choice, I couldn’t let it die! This lead to me cooking my time away, making bagels and muffins and banana bread and pizza and handmade pasta and focaccia.

I know I’ve spent upwards of upwards of 100 hours playing Stardew Valley. I discovered that I actually quite like playing games.

I know the park near my house really well now. Less well now it’s less than 10 degrees in the morning and it’s raining.

I’ve learned to crochet and I made this whole blanket! I gave it to my Nonna, who lives alone, by dropping it on her porch when I couldn’t see her.

And I know I’ve read much less than I thought I would. But of the books I have read, some have been really great. This one included.

But now things are changing. I’ve been out for dinner a few times and even to a bar. Yet still overseas, and even in a select number of suburbs of Melbourne, it’s another story. I’m experiencing a weird sort of survivor’s guilt and I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know how long this new freedom will last. But I hope it does.

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