Adelaide Fringe 2020: Table for Two?

Where: The Office at Holden Street Theatres

When: 14 & 15 Mar 7 pm

How much: $15 – $20

It mustn’t be an easy feat to make such an intimate venue an ideal location for a night of physical comedy. Nevertheless, Will Treddinick confidently takes you through this Faulty-Towers-esqe romp in Table for Two?

Adopting three characters, the nervous and vulnerable waiter, the sultry maître d’, and the aggressive chef, Treddinick invites you to the grand re-opening of the flamingo-themed restaurant. 

An audience member is selected from the front row as the lucky customer. A lone patron, awaiting their date on the table for two, solely accompanied by the maniacal hilarity that ensues.

The show is guaranteed to be different each night, depending on the customer selected. Whether they be themselves, sabotage the performance as a rude diner, or as was this night’s show, the diner inventing a new persona altogether.

On this night’s performance, our diner was a student at the fur academy down the road, the waiter, excited at this detour, was more than happy to be taken along for the ride.

Morphing into the maître d’, the robed jazz enthusiast looks over the waiter’s shortcomings and hurries along the chef’s special for the expectant diner.

What made the show so impressive was how it escalated so dramatically. What began as the waiter pretending to slip on the floor to polite laughter, increased to the audience in fits at the chef preparing a literal food fight of a salad.

There was also plenty of moments of breaking character that made Table for Two? especially hilarious. Some were definitely unplanned, heck, who needs to worry about the current implications of everyone chomping on the same baguette?

If you’re fortunate enough to have tickets for the last two nights of this sold out performance, Table for Two? guarantees to make your face ache with laughter.

4 out of 5 stars. 

Milly Farmer

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