Adelaide Fringe Review: Tiramisu

Where: Rhino Room
When: until 14 March
Tickets: here

In this hour long set of sketches, Michael Burgos takes you on a trip through la bella Italia. And it is silly and playful and ridiculous. Tiramisu is full of spontaneous bursts into song, gondola rides, and trips to a pizzeria.

Some of the skits are very silly, some are actually very funny. With speedy costume, prop, and set changes we are transported around Italy. We are treated to all of the sights and sounds you might experience on a trip, pick pocketed by a shady performer, taken to a fashion parade in Milan and blessed with a papal visit.

Final word of warning, this show involves a LOT of audience participation. I can imagine how poorly this could go with an unenthusiastic audience, but Michael is clearly trained and a talented improver. He is in control of all of us, engaging with us all each individually and bringing the whole audience along for the ride. The energy is contagious, the show is silly, and the audience laps it up, it’s impossible to refuse.

3 out of 5 stars

Natalie Carfora

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