Adelaide Fringe 2020: No Lights, No Lycra

What: No Lights, No Lycra

Where: Kick n Box, Stepney

How much: $10

No Lights, No Lycra started in Melbourne in 2009 and has been grooving around the world ever since. There are several local Adelaide groups, and Fringe is a great opportunity to try out one of the local chapters. The premise of NLNL is simple: the lights are off, the music is on, and everyone dances as much as they want, however they want, with no room for judgement or embarrassment.

Running Mondays at the Kick n Box fitness studio in Stepney, NLNL is an infectiously joyous experience. Like everyone probably does, I felt a bit nervous about dancing in front of other people. It really is very dark though, and within a few songs, I was bouncing about with everybody else. I enjoyed the night a lot, but didn’t realise how happy and energised I would be by the end – it completely cleared out my (very anxious) brain, and I felt wrung out in the best way.

Megan and Chris, the two ambassadors of the Stepney group, were welcoming and kind and danced just as hard as everyone else. I don’t think I can really give this a star rating – it’s like a warm bubble of joy and friendship and feeling your body move that can’t really be put down to a number rating. I can, however, say that I’m a convert – see you all there next week!


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