Adelaide Fringe Review: I See Dead People

Where: Gluttony
When: 22 February – 1 March
Tickets: here

In I See Dead People KC Martin-Stone takes us on a tour of the most common methods of death care, and then a few others. It’s a traditional comedy shows with an educational twist.

As a practicing archaeologist, and in fact Australia’s only comedian archaeologist, KC is used to dealing with dead people. Her show is a funny and informative tour of different methods of dealing with the dead around the world. The facts are as good as an undergrad anthropology subject I did, but with a few extra necrophilia jokes added in. 

While KC’s jokes flip from Indiana Jones to cannibalism to George Pell, KC stays calm. She is in control and loves to push the boundaries of a joke wherever she can. Laid back and easy with the audience, KC finishes the show up with opening up to questions for anyone who is curious to know more about death or archaeology.

KC, and I say this in the most complementary way, reminds me of your Aunty on Christmas afternoon. Funny, crass, and with a scattering of life lessons.  I See Dead People is a light and easy show to ease you into a Fringe evening, and you’ll leave more learned to go with it.

3 stars

Natalie Carfora

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