Adelaide Fringe 2020: A Simple Space by Gravity and Other Myths

Image courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

WHERE: The Octagon at Gluttony

WHEN: 20 Feb – 15 Mar

DURATION: 60 minutes

TICKETS: $30 – $40 buy them here

Gravity and Other Myths are no strangers when it comes to the Adelaide Fringe. Chances are you’ve already seen them, or someone you know has recommended them to you. Let this be the review that tips you over the edge and finally pushes you to actually watch their performance. Honestly, with their following and the reputation that precedes them, it is a guaranteed excellent time. 

From the get-go there are bodies flying, everywhere. The eight performers twist and contort themselves in to tremendously daring configurations, capable of stacking human upon human in to a tall quivering tower of balance. Here’s a tip, line up early so you can sit near the front. It was exhilarating having the threat of the performers losing balance or control and crashing in to the front row. As the performance unfolds, they exhibit the full array of talents possessed by different team members. Whether it be balance, strength, jumping, you name it – they have a routine for you.

For those that been previously, they changed a few things up. It was a considerably more relaxed performance, with comedic relief and interaction with the audience, which suited the atmosphere at Gluttony and allowed them to pull off leaning in to their faults or imperfect execution of a routine. Despite any imperfections their attitude was confident and they continued unaffected. It is impossible not to appreciate how hard they are working within the tiny square of a stage. Such a small space with such ‘big’ moves, you see them staining their clothes with sweat, and they don’t try to hide their laboured panting or process of chalking up their sweaty hands and feet.

Image courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

This year I have to deduct points for the strange comedic interlude when the instrumentalist of the group came on stage and did a solo slap-stick style routine where he created rhythmic beats using his body. It was such an odd juxtaposition against all the amazing acrobatic routines we had been watching. If the performers need a breather, just cut the show a few minutes shorter instead…

Anyway, dear readers. Straight up. You are not going to find a better acrobatic performance at this years Fringe. In my opinion, the calibre of these performers remains unchallenged to other acrobatic groups at the festival. If you want to be in awe of some vey athletic, muscular people, this show will have you astounded. They are performing all Fringe Season, and are also making appearances at this years WOMADelaide Festival too. Don’t miss out!! 

4 / 5 stars 

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