Adelaide Fringe 2020: This Show Is Our Baby But You Are Its Parents

Who: Pavan Dutta and Timothy Knight

Where: Verandah Private at Strathmore Hotel

How much: $20

It was the title of the show, This Show Is Our Baby But You Are Its Parents, that first appealed to me when perusing the 2020 program. When I arrived at this hotel conference room venue, I was met with was an energetic screwball night of stand-up.

Pavan Dutta and Timothy Knight share the mic in a night of spontaneous laughs and randomness. The endearingly awkward pair work really well as a duo and their banter was natural and hilarious. 

What happened over the next hour was reminiscent of an open mike comedy night, the pair taking turns for 15-minute sets. The beauty of this show came from Pavan and Tim shared the stage, and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see more of them together within the show.

Despite the two doing majority of the show separately, Pavan and Tim showed their strength as comics as well as how to mislead your audience to believe the show was going to have a parenting theme. 

The Most Eligible Bachelor in Melbourne and Tim’s comedic styles complement each other, observational non-linear humour that will take you by surprise. They developed a warm rapport with the audience despite their antics, and the audience were more than willing to participate in their gags.

Safe to say, the audience shared some decent fits of laughter, and we will never look at Narnia or Coldplay the same way again.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Milly Farmer

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