Adelaide Fringe 2020: Leigh Qurban – Crate Expectations

Where: The Squeaker at Gluttony

When: 19 Feb – 1 Mar

How much: $17 – $23

Leigh Qurban has a natural ease on stage and takes to the mike with assuredness and enthusiasm at The Squeaker at Gluttony. The former post-office worker is living his dream and has left his day job this year to pursue being a full-time comic. Qurban is revved, and ready to share with his eager audience what makes him tick.

Having grown up in Adelaide, Qurban understands the nuances of SA living, his preference of West End Draught over Hahn Super Dry, and who could go past a celebratory meal at Café Primo? This local humour was well appreciated by his widely-Adelaidean audience.

As a converted Melburnian, Qurban confesses he’s found adapting to the claustrophic café’s and pricey craft beer that comes with the territory of being Victorian. 

Leigh notes how his lifestyle has changed since entering his thirties, such as his friends transforming into foodies, the clichés thrust upon him surrounding fatherhood, and those goddamn wedding drones. A cheeky rap also doesn’t go astray as he shows off feats of craft and crates… definitely not a sentence I expected to write. 

Could Leigh brand himself as a woke larrikin? Potentially… Crate Expectations guarantees a good laugh, especially those who empathise with his hatred of tapas and gold-plated toasters, and keen to hear some cocaine-laced bust-ups (not involving Qurban doing the Devil’s Dust, just to clarify).

3 out of 5 stars. 

Milly Farmer

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