Adelaide Fringe 2020: Ange Lavoipierre – Zealot

Where: The Piglet at Gluttony

When: 19 – 23 Feb

How much: $20 – $25

When Ange Lavoipierre first scrambles on stage in character, pant-less, I would be lying if part of me questioned what was about to be subjected to in the following hour. But alas, Ange takes you by the hand on a ride through her mind, and through what was her very unique childhood.

Part-memoir, part-dark comedy, this journey through her tangential mind begins at the age of 10 when she was radicalised at a Christian summer camp and returned a zealot. Upon returning she began learning the art of flirting with a local church member 10 years her senior, alternatively labelled as grooming, and at 15, Lavoipierre battles a serious illness. 

Interwoven in her tales of atypical growing pains, Zealot is an interactive experience, from joining in her tarot card readings, to being unknowingly cursed, and partaking in affirmations. The nature of the performance leads you into a typical extreme born-again Christian sermon, the world of witches with her diary entries from Christian camp, and a dream-like Land of Oz.

Lavoipierre happily acknowledges that she is performing her show in her underwear, and her innate confidence shines through. She explores a variety of unexpected characters such as everyone’s favourite half-goat half-demon Krampus, and, of course, the promiscuous blue Google Maps dot.

The versality of Zealot makes it easy to get into, becoming invested in her story and laugh along as she explores these extreme and obscure characters. I’ve come to conclusion that the vibe of this show is very hard to encapsulate within a few words, but I promise if you go along, there will be some unique aspect of the show that will appeal to you.

3.5 out of 5 stars

Milly Farmer

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