Adelaide Fringe 2020: The Choir of Man

Where: The Moa at Gluttony

When: 15 Feb – 15 Mar

Duration: 80 minutes

How much?: $58, concession $35, tickets here

The Choir of Man, these guys know how to get you in the mood to sing and dance. They have crafted a familiar and comfortable atmosphere for their audience, transporting you to the centre of a pub, the Jungle.

There is free beer on tap from the moment you enter, the performers constantly interact with the audience throughout the performance, and by the end they have you clapping, singing and dancing along with them.

The British/UK pub setting translates particularly well amongst a predominantly white Australian audience. Culturally, there is much that resonates with this demographic. I couldn’t help but laugh when the whole audience was united, singing ‘You’re the Voice’ by John Farnham. At that point, there is no denying the bond formed with the performers.

Aside from the theatrics, these guys truly can sing. In the opening when they pulled audience members on stage to serenade to, it started out as a hilarious bit, but the comedy was undercut when I was truly astounded at the calibre of their voices.

The arrangements of the vocals and harmonies have been well crafted and create new dimension to the familiar song covers. All the performers are talented. Triple threats. They can sing, dance, and play instruments. Not to mention, charisma oozed from every note they sung.

This performance was a fun, lively and an exciting hour and a bit. If that is what you’re looking for in a show this fringe season, honestly, look no further.

4/5 stars

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