WOMAD is coming…

Photo: Jack Fenby

In case you can’t tell, we are SO excited about WOMAD. We all know one of the best things about the weekend is flicking from stage to stage, discovering new music as you go. However, that’s not always quite our speed and sometimes you need some guidance. Never fear! We at Collage have compiled a schedule that isn’t too packed, but will provide some guidance should you want it.

The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire (Australia)
WHEN: Friday 

Melbourne band Cat Empire have been a mainstay of the #ausmusic scene for nearly twenty years. With their blend of euphoric pop-rock, Cat Empire are WOMADelaide regulars. Performing only on Friday night, this is not to be missed. I am KEEN for a BOOGIE with the cats!

Kikagaku Moyo

Kikagaku Moyo (Japan)
WHEN: Friday

Beginning their musical journey as buskers, Kikagaku Moyo are now forerunners of the Japanese experimental music scene. Weaving classical Indian music, fold, and ‘70s rock, they fit right in with bands like Khruangbin and Tame Impala. Their sets are something of a jam, coming across loose and spontaneous but never missing a beat as they get into the next phase. 


Ngaiire (Papua New Guinea and Australia)
WHEN: Friday and Sunday

New-soul musician Ngaiire has an incredible stage presence, and I can’t wait to bop along in the crowd to her transcendent music. She’s known for her imbrication of fashion, art, dance, and music in her live shows, and she’s guaranteed to set the stage afire.


B.DANCE (Taiwan)
WHEN: Performing Friday and Saturday, also a Taste the World and a workshop 

To honour his late father and free himself of haunted memories, Po-Cheng Tsai, the Artistic Director/Choreographer, has created the beautiful piece, Floating Flowers. With fluid movements and dressed in translucent muslins the 14 dancers performing are the visual representation of floating lanterns. I am excited to see how they combine traditional Asian martial arts and contemporary dance, moving gracefully across the WOMAD stage in the moonlight. 

Gravity and Other Myths

Gravity and Other Myths – A Simple Space (Australia)
WHEN: Saturday to Monday

I already anticipate that I am going to be very impressed. Gravity & Other Myths are famous for their gravity defying performances and having seen them perform on stage in previous years, I am truly fascinated to see them up close on the WOMAD grass. With no barriers, dramatic lighting, or theatrical tricks, there is no where to hide. This is certain to be an evocative and thrilling performance. I’m already anxious thinking about seeing the stunts they pull off!

Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote (Australia)
WHEN: Sunday

Hiatus Kaiyote have been playing music since 2011 and since then have been playing their signature ‘future funk’ should around the world. Incorporating jazz, soul, funk, and glitchy electronica, the group refuse to be defined by a single genre. After racking up a couple of Grammy nominations and inspiring the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Prince (RIP), and Animal Collective, it’s a show you shouldn’t miss. 

Jorge Ben Jor

Jorge Ben Jor (Brazil)
WHEN: Sunday

Jorge Ben Jor is one of the biggest musicians to come out of Brazil and you can bet that he will bring the party. Releasing his first album in 1963 at just 21, his music has been sampled by artists globally. With a mix of funk, pop, and rock, Jorge has been a forerunner leading Brazil’s most important musical movements, like Bossa Nova, Jovem Guarda, and Tropicália — but he’s also known as the father of samba rock. If you want to dance, we’ll see you here.


Briggs (Australia)
WHEN: Sunday

Yorta Yorta rapper Briggs is probably best known as half of Australian hip-hop duo A.B.Original. If you follow Briggs on Twitter, you’ll know just how funny, political, and brilliant he is. Sure to be a politically-charged set, I’m keen to see (and be) all the awkward white people in the audience.

Orang Orang Drum Theatre

Orang Orang Drum Theatre (Malaysia)
WHEN: Performing Sunday and Monday and a workshop on Saturday 

Through their performance of The Memories, this group depicts the folklore of Malaysian society. By combining drums, percussive instruments, vocals, and demanding choreography, they weave together an exploration into the idea of collective memory, and the concept of ‘home’ as a migrant. This theatre and dance production I am sure will take me back to my cultural roots and evoke contemplation about my parents’ migration and struggles with finding a new cultural identity. Can’t wait.

Laura Marling

Laura Marling (UK)
WHEN: Monday

You might remember Laura Marling from your teenage years, but she’s still going and better than ever. Off the back of her sixth album, she will be gracing our ears and hearts with a stripped back solo set. Laura is the perfect artist to see on a Monday evening after a big weekend as you lie back on the grass and reflect on loss and self-identity — themes behind so many of her songs.


There you have it! That’s one loosely packed weekend, ready for doughnuts and food and laying on the grass and happening across new music to pad it out.

We’ll leave you with the important details.

WHEN: Friday 6 March — Monday 9 March
WHERE: Botanic Park
TICKETS: Here or on the door

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