MOD. Hedonism Party: Lunar Boogie

Lunar Boogie event poster

What: Lunar Boogie
Who: Presented by Endless Grooves as part of Music SA’s Umbrella: Winter City Sounds
When: 27th July
Tickets: Here

MOD.’s latest interactive exhibition, Hedonism, is all about what feels good, so it makes perfect sense that the museum’s next event is a dance party featuring some of Adelaide’s renowned DJs.

To compliment the futuristic backdrop of MOD., Lunar Boogie will present a craftily curated list of modern, space-age-y tunes by Jura Soundsystem, Paradise Loft Soundsystem, and Fantastic Black Plastic, all seasoned DJs in the local party scene. Organisers Endless Grooves has a strong reputation when it comes to filling out dance floors with their propulsive sounds, so expect this event to be no different than their famed parties such as Electric Avenue and DISCO Is Not A Dirty Word.

Headliner Jura Soundsystem a.k.a. Kevin Griffiths is known for his masterly mixing of disco, dub, and other electrifying tracks. Joining him are Paradise Loft Soundsystem, whose tunes are influenced by 70s New York nightclub music, and Fantastic Black Plastic, a frequent DJ on Radio Adelaide and Red Light Radio Amsterdam.

Lunar Boogie is also part of the programming of this year’s Umbrella Winter City Sounds presented by Music SA, a layered series of live music shows located around Adelaide in July. With this Adelaide winter reaching new lows, what better way to warm up than dancing your heart out to infinity and beyond at Lunar Boogie.

— Masya Zabidi

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