WOMADelaide Review: Monday 11th March

WOMAD has come to an end for another year after a huge four days. Today was more relaxed than the first few, more time lounging under the Moreton Bay figs which was exactly what we needed. Still, we managed to see quite a few highlights.

This group of boys have travelled down from quite a remote community in the Gulf of Carpentaria. They are all singing and all dancing, combining both Western and Indigenous instruments and clothing. They are full of energy and a joy to watch.

Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino
This Italian folk group is made up of energetic and intense bunch of musicians. With lots of intense strumming, the beat moves me without intending to. Performing on the Foundation stage, the audience is packed tight.

Lying under the olive trees, you could close your eyes and think you have woken up in Greece. This Greek folk group are stunning musicians and the music transports us far away. With beautiful traditional melodies, this is exactly what we need to gear us up for the night ahead.

Feeling Human: MOD.
Adelaide’s newest museum MOD. has put wheels onto it’s recent Feeling Human exhibit and brought it to WOMAD! In case you missed it in their first exhibition last year, we got the chance to get electric shocked in the name of science to learn more about the brain and pain.

Dona Onete
What an amazing woman! Almost 80 years old and still touring the world. She sits on a sofa at the front of the stage surrounded by musicians and sings her heart out. She doesn’t speak English, yet she still has command of the stage and all of us under her eye.

The crowd is absolutely pumped for Harts! A big crowd pleaser, Darren Hart is a very talented guitarist and can he shred. Often compared to Jimi Hendrix, it’s not hard to see why.

Shantel & Bucovina Orkestar
The band is tight and the music is joyful. The Shantel & Bucovina Orkestar blows me away. We can’t stop dancing for their whole set, transporting us from the line for food to bopping our way into the crowd. Their covers and originals both are a delight.

The Bamboos
Powerhouse vocalist Kylie Auldist is joined by a seven piece band to bring high energy fun as we wind down the last few acts of WOMAD 2019. Kylie is an absolute diva with a voice of gold and the band are so much fun. Despite their dodgy James Blake cover, this is a highlight of today.

The Original Gypsies
What a fun time! This Spanish group are groovy as the exhausted crowd dances for one last time like their life depends on it. The band is huge, there are more guitars on the stage than I can count, and yet they are still flawless. What a way to end the weekend.

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