2019 Fringe Festival Review: Orion Sound Bath

Who: Presented by Sacred Resonance
Where: Adelaide Planetarium
When: 3rd March
Tickets: SOLD OUT – but check out Plant Songs: Secret Sounds of Plants and the Plant Song Sound Bath.

I learned on the night that the work of Sacred Resonance is an Adelaide Fringe institution. Their latest, Orion Sound Bath is one of many collaborations with the Adelaide Planetarium that spans back at least a decade. An artful melding of the Planetarium’s projections with an overlay of interpretive material; all set to a spacey, live ambient soundscape, built on signals from Orion presented as sound. The staff were attentive throughout and you can’t help but catch some of their enthusiasm for the show.

This care extended to the start of the show, where we were pointed out the best viewing points, and treated to an introduction to the Orion constellation courtesy of the regular Planetarium staff. The interior of the dome itself was worth a visit , into which you easily zone out staring into for a while, paradoxically being super aware of any sound or distraction that reverberated around the space. 

Orion Sound Bath aspires to be quite the spectacle, but more true to name it washes over you gently. The spacey imagery used was too familiar to create the otherworldly, surreal feeling that the sonic aspect got much closer to evoking. The show was at its strongest when the visuals were pared back, bringing the sound to the forefront and reminding you that, despite the seating and unusual venue, you were at a live music show. Simple washes of colour also made the most of the technical capabilities of the projectors that gave the entire space a very intense, solar glow.

It was a relaxing 60 or so mins and made me want to check out the other Sacred Resonance performances, namely the Plant Songs: Secret Sounds of Plants and the Plant Song Sound Bath  – perhaps the more conventional box setting would better highlight the many performed elements at work.

Tin Do

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