2019 WOMADelaide Festival: TOP PICKS

Image from Australian Holiday Centre

What: WOMADelaide Festival 

Who: WOMADelaide Foundation

When: 8 – 11 March 2019

Where: Botanic Park, Adelaide 

Cost: See website for various ticket options

Allow me just to preface that this list is in no particular order. I could not bring myself to rank these worthy experiences. Which, when encompassed together create a well-rounded and complete WOMADelaide festival!


Christine & the Queens

Friday 10:20pm // Foundation Stage // one show only

Image courtesy of WOMADelaide Festival

This French music artist explores her pansexual identity through her music. Her performances are always high in energy and contain intense choreographed dance moves. I am excited to see the spectacle that it will be, along with the funky synthetic sound that her music embodies.

Tkay Maidza

Sunday 6pm // Stage 3 // one show only 

Image courtesy of WOMADelaide Festival

I saw Tkay perform a few years ago before she increased in such popularity (subtle flex). However, I am excited to see how her style and performance has evolved! Seeing what maturity in the music industry can achieve within artists, and since I’m already a fan of her music, seeing her perform will be a fulfilling an enriching one. 

Thelma Plum

Sunday 2pm // Novatech Stage // one show only

Image courtesy of Music Feeds

Thelma has a made a name of herself through Triple J Unearthed. The sound she produces is upbeat and with light folky melodies. I’m not usually inclined towards this type of music but I love her quirky and vintage aesthetic.

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Saturday 10:50pm // Foundation Stage // one show only 

Image courtesy of WOMADelaide Festival

A shift from the young female performers trend I had going, I want to include this group with their immense and voluminous sound. I am excited to see their full band on stage blasting their jazz/reggae/digitally infused sounds. It is all about experiencing new creative genres of music that you would not normally gravitate towards!


Staazi & Co – The Greek Vegan Project 

Image by Instagram user: carofatty

I bought food from them last year, and I will be going back this year. If you want scary-good authentic mock meat this is the place for you.

The option I recommend is a tasty concoction and hybrid on the traditional yiros. I particularly enjoy the fact that they add chippies in to the wrap!

Love your work.

The Fun Guys 

Image by Instagram user: thefunguysbyron

The thought alone of tempura mushrooms makes me salivate. I have a feeling this is going to be my go-to snack over the weekend. Enough said.


The Planet Talks 

Monday 1pm // Less Meat, Less Heat: Is the elephant in the room a cow?

Image courtesy of SouthAustralia.com

“Can we really tackle climate change without addressing our relationship with meat consumption and the livestock industry? Ditching the snag on the BBQ and shifting to a more plant based diet is a demand-side solution but only half the consumption / production equation. What needs to be done to change a livestock industry that contributes 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions? That’s even more than the transportation sector.”


Image courtesy of Hybrid World Adelaide

The idea to bring elements of our new technology museum to the festival of music and dance is a great opportunity to add a new dimension to the festival. Head over to their tent for an interactive and curious experience about perceptions and use of technology in contemporary society.

Click here to check out the full lineup for this year’s festival!

– by Rachel Wong 

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