2019 Fringe Festival Review: Two Little D*ckheads

Photo Courtesy of the Adelaide Fringe

What: Two Little D*ckheads

Who: Sharnema Nougar and David Tieck

Where: National Wine Centre

When: 26th Feb – 2nd March

How much: $20-$25

Two Little Dickheads donned in matching pyjamas, oversized granny glasses and dressing gowns, scamper onto the stage. After they introduce themselves and their rescue cats, their antics commence. The sketches are a mishmash of ridiculousness including their morning routine, animal impressions and handcrafted props. It is when the shocking news of a diamond-shaped asteroid hurtling towards Earth that the Little Dickheads begin to panic.

Punctuated with some self-aware laughter, Nougar and Tieck are playful and loosely scripted as they drift from sketch to sketch. Their interaction with the fairly hesitant audience throughout did little to impact the bulk of the show, potentially due to the early time of the performance (a few drinks deeper, perhaps?). Props to the Dickheads though, for powering through despite having a front row walkout mid-performance.

The climax of the show definitely came when the meteor hit Earth. The audience’s role was to hurl space junk at the front of the stage, and with the use of air conditioning duct and fairy lights give the impression of floating through space (you’d have to go along to find out how). Whether a rendition of the entire song of Shine Bright Like a Diamond was essential, it certainly was amusing to witness the Two Little Dickheads waddle around in diamanté-encrusted space suits.

This goofy show sits somewhere between a riotous fever dream and a sleepover at 3am when the delirious giggling begins to take over. Two Little Dickheads is perfect for cat-lovers and fans of shadow puppeteering alike.

3/5 stars

Milly Farmer

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