2019 Fringe Festival Review: Jackson v Jackson

What: Jackson v Jackson

Who: Gospo Enterprises Pty Ltd 

When: See website for full details 

Where: Gluttony – The Flamingo

Cost: $25-45

What a spectacular performance I witnessed last night. Right from the first beat until the last, this show was brimming with energy and showmanship, not a dull moment was had. Under the direction of Charmaine Jones the Gospo Collective can do no wrong. Jones is an incredibly talented and highly driven individual who has orchestrated every aspect of this performance. All elements that make an outstanding show have been well thought out and executed to a high standard.

The instrumental band was sound, with effortless cool oozing from their abilities and playing all the musical scores with ease. In particular, the bass line set the groovy tone and was a driving force in punching out the energy necessary to maintain the high levels throughout the performance. 

Of course, the vocals were exceptional, all singers were well rehearsed and knew their synchronised dance moves and choreography flawlessly. In particular some of the soloists within the ‘collective’ were exceptional, which however made the more amateur soloists stand out for the wrong reasons. However, their vocal abilities were powerful, their vocal runs admirable and sent you in a dizzying stupor. Despite the high calibre of singers, Jones and her sister Joanna stood out, singing talent truly runs in the family, and they made singing with gusto look effortless.

Each Jackson cover blended seamlessly together, with excellent transitions between songs. The gospel arrangements of the songs were emotive and mighty. So intoxicating was their delivery of this gospel style that you cannot help but bounce along with the music. Particularly the medley of classic and popular Jackson songs as the closing number rounded out the performance well. 

If you want a fun and entertaining hour, get a ticket to see this show. It is a spectacular sight to see such a full ensemble bring such vigour to the stage. You will not be disappointed. 

4/5 stars

– by Rachel Wong

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