2019 Fringe Festival Review: Kevin Quantum – Vanishing Point

What: Kevin Quantum: Vanishing Point

Where: Garden of Unearthly Delights

When: Friday 15th February – Sunday 17th March

Cost: $25-$40

As we entered the Factory, there were more people than seats. It was a promising start – Kevin Quantum is nothing if not popular. With a mixed crowd with kids as young as 4 to people into their 70s, I was interested as to how Kevin would balance the expectations of such a varied audience. 

For some context, Kevin Quantum gave up a PhD in physics in exchange for a life of magic. His show mixes science and magic, crossing the boundaries that ordinary magicians toe. I appreciate that from the top, Kevin doesn’t shy away from saying that nothing he is doing is real “magic”, it’s all slight of hand and attention control. And he is very good at it. 

Vanishing Point is all about tricks that play with your senses. Kevin performs a variety of gags – card tricks, appearing drinks, guessing numbers, you’ve got it. This variety is the way that he seems to balance the spectrum of ages in the audience, with jokes and tricks that appeal to both kids and adults. 

The show’s finale is the most impressive, a harmonic pendulum built by Kevin himself. While Kevin admits that it’s all gravity and engineering, this human feat is awe inducing. 


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