2019 Fringe Festival Review: ASMR Live

Photo credit: Harriet Jane

What: ASMR Live

Who: Issy Phillips

Where: Ferguson Room, National Wine Centre

When: Friday 22nd February

Cost: $15-$20

Autonomous sensory meridian response videos have become an online phenomenon this past year. Characterised by sounds eliciting pleasurable tingling and deep relaxation in some; these sounds include, but are not limited to: whispering, finger tapping, hair brushing, eating honeycomb and dystopian postapocalyptic candy men… naturally this makes compelling viewing and piqued my curiosity to this late night comedy show.

ASMR Live presented by the charming Issy Phillips, promised a night of satisfying sounds and tingling sensation… but it wasn’t long after her whispered introduction that the show soon escalated unexpectedly into an uproarious variety of sketches, dance and stand-up. The pace doesn’t slow up for an hour-long performance featuring dirty seals, woke dads and innovative dance trends.

Issy Phillips’ bright presence filled the room with an impressive use of the limited space, as she discussed classic Australian and ABC-centric tribulations. Her natural gift to entertain draws in her audience and encourages them to participate throughout, making the experience joyous and interactive. There isn’t an audience member left out and by the end of the show you feel you have become invested in her antics.

This late-night performance was a delightful surprise that was silly and a lot of fun. There is one last show this upcoming Friday night, so go along with an open mind and ears!

4/5 stars

Milly Farmer

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