Fringe Circus Review: Attrape-Moi!

What: Attrape Moi! (Catch Me!)

Who: Flip Fabrique, presented by Arts Projects Australia

When: Until 15 March 2018

Where: The Peacock at Gluttony

How much: $25-$55; see Fringe website for prices

Attrape Moi 3
Image credit: Arts Projects Australia

Play is the essence of Attrape Moi! This show projects a delightfully fresh and innocent joy and zest for life. Childlike in the best sense of the word, it will take you back to being a kid: messing around with your friends, drawing on the walls with chalk, funny games and dares, and spooky sleepovers.

The performers’ circus skills were near-impeccable, ranging from tumbling to aerial acts, hooping, and juggling – with a bit of beatboxing and lip-syncing thrown in. All had a great stage presence, but what was perhaps even more impressive was their cohesion as a group. The audience was left with an impression of six people who truly supported one another and had a lot of fun together. Accompanied by creative use of multiple levels in the set, this made for a very pleasing circus experience. The final act, a breathtaking combination of trampolining and parkour, showcased the group’s originality.

Attrape Moi 2
Image credit: Arts Projects Australia

On a Tuesday night, the crowd was relatively small and the energy suffered a little as a result. The audience seemed unsure of when to applaud – hopefully this did not lead the performers to feel that their skills were unappreciated. I was particularly struck by how one male performer received sparse applause despite pulling off a beautiful aerial straps routine that would have required an almost incomprehensible level of strength and grace – and wondered whether this reaction had anything to do with upsetting the audience’s gender expectations.

Attrape Moi 1.jpg
Image credit: Arts Projects Australia

This would be a great show for families or to attend with any small people you have in your life. However, if you’re just young at heart or want to relive some fun childhood memories for 75 minutes, this show is for you too. Attrape Moi! doesn’t really try to tell a story any bigger than that of six friends meeting up and having a good time together – but there’s nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, it just looks so damn fun. Flip Fabrique’s website states that their mission is to promote joy, playfulness and friendship, and all of these qualities certainly shine through in Attrape Moi!

3.5 out of 5 stars


Matilda Handsley-Davis

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