Exhibition Review: Push, Pull by Arlon Hall

During the bump-out of ‘To The Night’ at Fontanelle, Arlon Hall accidentally pierced one of his spherical sculptures. He took a moment to examine its now depleted form, a new creation and beautiful one at that. It brought to his mind that “If that show was the party, I wanted this one to be the hangover.”

Opening on December 3rd at the Barossa Regional Gallery, “Push, Pull” by Arlon Hall, is an investigation into the line. Over the past year, Hall has been working in bound A4 sketch books to create ink drawings. These pages have driven the show and seeing them all together on the wall, unframed, is captivating. At first you think they are prints of the same image but when you walk up to them you realise that they are unique pen lines on paper.

1. Push Pull drawing installation shot ink on paper 2017.jpgPush, Pull drawing installation shot, ink on paper, 2017

The lines have manifested into our 3D world as sculptural pieces that are seemingly hard and solid yet appear to be bent as easily as a plastic straw. As Mia van den Bos points out in her essay about this exhibition, as you move through the gallery the sculptures allow “for the space itself to become an ever-changing exhibition.”

2. Push Pull Sculpture spray paint and polyvinyl chloride 2017.jpgPush, Pull Sculpture, spray paint and polyvinyl chloride, 2017


3. Installation shot 2017.jpgInstallation shot, 2017

Hall described this show as the feeling you get when you are surfing and fall of your board and are sucked into the wave. As your body tumbles around and you are unsure of where your board is and which way is up, you experience both a feeling of fear and exhilaration. Your control of the moment is suspended as you are at the mercy of mother-nature – all you can do is remain calm. This is most aptly demonstrated in his large-scale paintings that are both chaotic yet composed.

4. Scratch N Sniff.jpgScratch ‘N’ Sniff, pencil, charcoal, graphite, ink and acrylic on canvas, 190.5 x 190.5cm, 2017

5. Push Pull drawing ink on paper 2016 2017.jpgPush, Pull drawing, ink on paper, 29.7 x 21cm, 2016-2017

Push, Pull is an immersive exhibition that investigates the relationship between drawing and painting. Hall’s experimental use of line both on the wall and off invites the viewer to engage in a more intimate experience.

Push, Pull is running at the Barossa Regional Gallery until 8 January 2018.

Emmica Lore

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