Photo Journal: Women of Vietnam

I was lucky enough to visit Vietnam for the first time this year. In my short time there, it was evident from my observations just how significant a role that women play in society. I would see them working day and night, and then also observe their dual responsibilities for the home. Forget gender roles in the workforce, I saw women in jobs traditionally undertaken by men in the western world everyday.

This photo journal is a homage to the women I saw working hard in an array of contexts. Shout out to their killer work ethic and high spirits, even when forced to work in the relentless Vietnam sun!

Portable street food vendor and her carrying pole in Hoi An old town

Woman with her ox travelling down a road in Hoa Lu region

Landscapers working in Lenin Park Hanoi

Woman harvests grain in Mai Chau region

Farmer and her cattle in Mai Chau region

Women sell fruit on the sidewalk in Hanoi

Cook in her domain in Hoi An old town

Gardener of Hue Citadel

Tour guide leads group in the rice fields of Mai Chau

Flower Sellers at Hoi An market for Full Moon Festival

Cook and her restaurant in Hanoi

Rower and her boat in Tam Coc

Rachel Wong

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