EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Cat Turner from the State Theatre Company


The words on every culture vulture’s lips these past few weeks have been the Mr Burns show by the State Theatre Company. Cleverly combining dystopian elements with the comic stylings of The Simpsons, Mr Burns promises to leave viewers entertained, and contemplating a surreal universe where Matt Groening’s words are gospel. In an exclusive interview with Cat Turner, Marketing Co-ordinator at the State Theatre Company, we find out more about the Off Stage programme, a brand new initiative that allows theatre fans to experience an intimate evening with the cast at a mysterious location with live music.

Q: Hi Cat! Can you please tell us about yourself?

A: Hi! I’m a 30-something arts lover, I studied theatre at Flinders before a Masters of Arts Management at UniSA. I’ve worked for arts organisations including the South Australian Circus Centre, Patch Theatre, and festivals like Feast, Adelaide Film Festival, and the International Documentary Conference. When I’m not at my day job, I moonlight as a circus performer and teacher (yes, really!). I was lucky enough to join State Theatre Company at the beginning of the year, which was one of my dream jobs.

Q: What is your role within the State Theatre Company?

A: I’m the Marketing Coordinator. Among a lot of other things I look after our written content – more than likely if you’re reading something from State Theatre Company it’s come from my desk. I also organise the Off Stage parties – the venues, entertainment, logistics etc. I’m incredibly lucky that I get to spend my days combining my passions: theatre, writing and events.

Q: What is the Off Stage Program, and what can theatre goers expect from it?

A: In short, you come for the theatre and stay for the party. Theatre for me has always been a really social thing, half the appeal is talking about the show with a group of people over a couple of drinks afterwards. We’ve taken that idea and made it an event.

All you have to do is book a ticket for the show on Off Stage night, add a Party Pass for $25 and flash it at us as you leave the theatre. We transport you to the venue where you’ll rub shoulders with the cast and creatives, and we put on a bar tab, really good food and entertainment.

It’s also a way to make the theatre experience richer and get closer to the company than you normally would. You can meet the people who make the art, tell us what you thought…

Q: The first Off Stage party following the Mr. Burns production seems to be super top secret, with little to no details divulged to the public. Can you throw us any hints as to what we can look forward to?

A: I can give away a couple of things! We’ve been really lucky to book YEWTH DJs for the night, we’ve got a live visual artist and a really great venue where you will be handed a cocktail as you arrive.

Q: How would you convince someone who has never been to the theatre to check out Mr Burns and the Off Stage party?

A: I would tell you to take a risk! Mr Burns is a quirky, oddball comedy with more pop culture references than I can count, if you’ve ever watched TV or listened to a radio there will be something in it for you. It’s the perfect show for someone who might not be a regular theatre-goer. And after that there’s a really great party… you kind of can’t lose!

– Masya Zabidi

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