Adelaide Fringe 2017 Comedy Review: Comedienne

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.49.20 amSarah Gaul

What: Comedienne

Where: The Cranny at The Producers

Walking up the narrow staircase of the Producer’s on a bustling Saturday night, you can’t help but feel you’re in for a cosy, memorable evening. When tucked away in ‘The Cranny’ of the pub, we were welcomed by Comedienne Sarah Gaul: an exuberant multi-hyphenate with a contagious smile and sharp wit.

Gaul’s suite of original cabaret numbers dotted with warmly delivered anecdotes were highly entertaining and expertly performed. Her fingers danced on the keyboard with dramatic trills and final chords, and her voice of impressive range readily took on a number of genres of variation in mood and emotion. The bright and flowy red dress she donned was an apt symbol of the passion she showed off.

In style she brought to mind Sammy J and Tim Michin, although upon reflection, there does appear to be a gap in higher-profile Australian comedy for the female musical comedian – one that hopefully Sarah and others like her may fill in the near future.

Some song highlights of mine included a jazz piece on spending a Saturday night in, an observational one about lads and their relationship with their favourite shirt, a critical analysis of the story of Cinderella and a fantastical post-breakup revenge number. Themes included feminism, romance, growing up (or not) and life surrounded by wankers in acting school. Although other artists have covered these standard topics before, the talent and originality of certain lines and descriptions displayed in Comedienne can’t be denied.

Sarah was adaptable and interactive throughout the show, at one point putting aside a misbehaving microphone to everyone’s relief. The compactness of the venue meant it wasn’t really needed in the first place. Comedienne was altogether hilarious and heartfelt, and although Gaul’s season is over for this Fringe Festival, she’d be delightful to catch at any of the numerous festivals she plays Australia-wide throughout the year.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

Katerina Grypma

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