Adelaide Fringe 2017 Cabaret Review: Don’t Worry, I’ve Got It Covered by Amy Bodossian

dont-worry-ive-got-it-coveredAmy Bodassian

What: Don’t Worry, I’ve Got It Covered by Amy Bodossian

Where: Henrietta’s at The Henry Austin, 29 Chesser St, Adelaide

Genre: Cabaret/Music

At its heart, Amy Bodossian’s Don’t Worry, I’ve Got It Covered is a simple tale of a relationship, woven around a selection of cover songs and original poems. Ably accompanied by the talented Patrick Wilson on guitar and keyboard, Bodossian’s expressive vocals are by turns sweet, gutsy and poignant. She is a skilful storyteller, drawing a delicate balance between comedy and tragedy as the narrative moves from bubbly infatuation through lust, devotion, heartbreak and renewal.

Bodossian’s rapport with the audience is almost instant, sustained by a mixture of humour and vulnerability. She invites us – sometimes directly – to share in her eminently relatable story of anxiety, sexual tension, starstruck moments, and love gained and lost. Each song is followed by lengthy and enthusiastic applause. In the penultimate musical number – an Irish folk song – there is even an audience singalong. Playful, casual interactions between Bodossian and Wilson, along with the cosy basement venue at Henrietta’s, further reinforced this sense of easy intimacy between audience and performer.

Although the singing was lovely, Bodossian’s poetry and spoken-word pieces were highlights for me. Like her choices of music, the poems ranged from irreverent and cheeky to devastatingly poignant. It was here that Bodossian’s storytelling skills shone the brightest, combining vivid metaphors and intense, heartfelt delivery to create a truly absorbing experience. She seems to have a particular affinity for the element of water, often comparing herself to or expressing a desire to be like the ocean.

Don’t Worry, I’ve Got It Covered has now finished its run at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, but I would encourage anyone who enjoys good cabaret to keep an eye out for Amy Bodossian’s future shows. Her book of poetry, Wide Open, is also available for purchase.

4 out of 5 stars

Matilda Handsley-Davis

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