Adelaide Fringe Circus Review: Fauna


What: Fauna

Where: Ukiyo at Royal Croquet Club

How Much: $28 full price, $17 concession, $20 Cheap Tuesday, $25 BankSA customer, $10 Artist Discount, $22 Fringe Member

When: 23rd – 26th February, 28th February, 1st – 5th March, 7th – 19th March

Never having been to any physical theatre in my life, Fauna has ignited a new found appreciation of the art form. The show was in an intimate, small, rounded theatre, and comprised of six members: five acrobats and one acoustic musician, which made for an intense and immersive viewing experience.

Overarching the performance was the acrobats’ exploratory interpretation of innate animal instincts and behaviour translated to human movement. The structure of the show enabled each to showcase their physicality; each member of the troupe took turns to display their acrobatic skills, either going solo or in partnership with another through either physical strength, athletic agility, or, in one surprising example, one acrobat’s ability to dramatically contort her legs.

The discipline they all undertake to train and prepare for a show like Fauna is evident. They all individually exhibited immense strength, control and balance in the stunning manoeuvres and tricks they executed.

I particularly enjoyed watching the strength displayed by one acrobat during her trapeze act. Her ability to lift herself over, under, and around the suspended bar was mesmerising. What most impressed me about it was the duration of time she spent hanging, not ever showing any sign of struggle or fatigue.

In the final part of the performance, all five acrobats collaborated in a series of gravity defying displays. Having all five work together was the most visually astonishing part of the show, and, candidly, this is what I would have liked to see more of throughout. It really was such a sensation to have the crowd gasping out loud in apprehension at each member intricately intertwining with one another. That is the sort of entertainment I was expecting, although I am glad to be pleasantly surprised with the new appreciation I have through seeing them perform solo.

If you are looking for a great time this Fringe season, want to be wowed and astounded, head on over to see Fauna. It will not disappoint!

3.5 out of 5 stars

Rachel Wong

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