Katerina Grypma


Katerina is a law & environmental policy student who gets excited about alternative agriculture, like the adorable reality of integrated rice-duck farming.

Apart from study and fantasising about provincial life in the Peloponnese, Kat spends her days dreaming of her next meal, soaking in film & theatre and teaching others the zen of solo frisbee.

Favourite art movement: Surrealism, and the art of Classical Greece (especially marble sculpture and pottery)

Favourite films: America America by Elia Kazan, Shine by Scott Hicks, with Geoffrey Rush, and Submarine by Richard Ayoade…and many more

Favourite band: In terms of band-ness, and in terms of favourite band ever, and in acknowledgement that The Beatles is not an option- I’ll go with Pink Floyd

Favourite podcast: Time Crisis with Ezra Koenig and Polite Conversations with Eiynah Mohammed-Smith

Favourite novel: Ghostwritten by David Mitchell or Displaced Person by Lee Harding

Favourite food: Cuisine? Greek! Dish? A good goddamn spaghetti alla puttanesca

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