Second Nature: Collage’s Inaugural SALA Exhibition

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Banner designed by Meherzad Shroff

The Theme

‘Second Nature’ grew from the observation that a lot of Collage’s featured artists explored natural ideas and forms, both as a form of representation and as a thematic point of departure in others. Other artists who may not have represented nature directly worked with urban or abstract ‘landscapes’.

On the other end of the spectrum, we had a lot of portraits and autobiographical work. Commissioned by friends or done recreationally, there was a certain candid quality to them that reflected the idiosyncrasies of each artist; things that came (second) naturally. The crux of ‘Second Nature’ is essentially a celebration of the diverse range of personalities and mediums we’ve had the pleasure of covering in our ‘Artist Spotlight’ series.

Featured Artists

Steph Perez

Elliot Lewis

Athanasios Lazarou

Lachlan Fuller

Hannah Pedley

Bay The Artist

Sarah Boese

Jessye Gelder

Anna Bailes

Deanna Janssan

Peter Andrinopoulos

Shaun Li

Ash Tower

George Rex

Alexandra Lekis

Karlien van Rooyen

Jack Lowe

Viray Thach

Meherzad Shroff

Matthew Smith

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.45.15 pm

The EcoCaddy team. Photo by EcoCaddy

Why EcoCaddy?

Whilst built on the business that the namesake caddies bring in, the space we’re exhibiting in is a future ‘co-working’ space in the EcoCaddy warehouse known as Mâché. Founder of EcoCaddy, Daniels Langeberg, seeks to fill the space with constant creative activity, such as artist workshops and exhibitions, and this is what attracted us to the venue. The space is two houses’ worth combined, and attached to the EcoCaddy garage and the Flower Depot.

Event Poster

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.19.27 pm

Poster by Meherzad Shroff


One final caveat: The building’s days are numbered! The space will be there for about 18 months before being demolished and making way for some ecological apartments, like the Cafe Troppo complex across the square. While this is seemingly a bit disheartening, arguably it’s about the same timeline as an extended residency in a ‘co-working’ space -the lessons learned from the project will carry on to wherever the garage moves to next. The caddies are instead seeing it as a extended event, of sorts – a chance to experiment and build things with a quick turnover; but for this reason there’s a definitely a sentimental aspect to the project that could also be explored in the work as well.

Masya Zabidi

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